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Baby Flying Squirrels by
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You will notice that these 7 week old babies look a lot like an adult, and nothing like they did in the first 3 weeks.  But notice the baby's tail, it looks HUGE.
The babies bodies will keep growing and will fill out until their tail fits the rest of their body. 
Here is one of the girls in Jeremy's hand.  She ran up down and all around Jeremy.  When they are so young they are so light that you can't feel them on your clothing.  We took turns looking at each others clothes trying to find them.  It was very fun and a perfect flying squirrel evening.
Jeremy V., a Minnesota expert on flying squirrels, and his wife came to visit the babies the night before they left for their new homes.  The babies were quick and not interested in having their picture taken.  One of the girls kept running around Rebecca V.'s feet and under the toilet tank. 
It was an energetic visit. 
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These little ones loved peanuts and all fruits.  None of them were interested yet in mealworms.
There were four babies in this litter.  When food was given to one squirrel, the others would fight to get it.  They steal one another's food, and will drop their own to steal from another squirrel near them with food.  Just out of habit and for sport!

They are sweet with us, but not to each other!  Although they always slept together in their nest box and were more comfortable when with their siblings.
This is another shot of Jeremy with Telia, the baby girl who went to Sally.   Jeremy is modest, but he does more to promote the well being of the wild and domesticated flying squirrels than any of us could ever imagine.  Jeremy has spoken about flying squirrels for the DNR, has been invited to present information on flying squirrels for the DNR at the MN State Fair, and has given talks to children and various groups with his flying squirrels in attendance.  Rebecca, Jeremy's wife, teams with Jeremy in these informative presentations.  And that's only the little I know  about the things they do.
These little critters can't say thank you for all you do, and you both are fantastic.  Thank you.
Go Jeremy! and Rebecca!  You are great.
One observation about the average flying squirrel owner.  Most of the people who called or wrote me about the squirrels were artists!   Many had careers in art and were using their creative nature. 
So, that's who owns a wild independent flying squirrel!
Sally sent me this great picture of Telia in her new home!  Telia is spoiled and I am thrilled to have her in such a great home.

Louise, who went home with a boy reported that he is doing well and loving mealworms.  I love the updates.


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